Google Photos gets a new engine video

Google Photos

It was usual to be editing software video exciting confusion of where to use, so that they can’t deal with only professionals. Although the application of montage professionalism still exist, and for good reason, it has been software release montage the most obvious of which amateur can use it.

In fact, I did Google include something like this in the Google Photos, but according to a new report released recently from the website Android Police, it seems that the company Google has released a new editor for the videos in the Google Photos. And for those who use engine video Clock, the engine videos new it will be easier for them in terms of use.


This new editor is shown in the picture above where it appears the editor videos old on the left and in the middle. The changes are very clear like the clarity of night and day, and the videos of the new puts video clips in the timeline more clearly, the amount of each of them.

It is supposed to make it easier for users to make adjustments to video clips, this is very gorgeous on mobile devices because the screens are smaller. It is unclear what the prevalence of this update, but the website Android Police managed to upgrade the Google Photos Your to the latest version and then restart it.


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