Google paid version the demo of Android Q for Pixel

Are phones Pixel this year also for the first for the next version of the Android operating system Q, where the company launches Google the demo version of the system on the phones Pixel.

Reveal peeps first for the trial version Android Q on the concentration of Google this year to improve the standards of privacy users have in particular the statements of the recipe, which is scheduled to be available on the phones landed clearly later this year.

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Privacy in the demo version of the Android Q

Focus system Android Q on the standards of privacy and protection this year more fully emulating the system Apple iOS, where you don’t give applications permission to locate the user in the case of closing the app, where you are given permit access to the user when the application is activated or the screen backlight only.

The user can in the Android Q improvement in the running time of applications through the permit determined by the user of this application selects the operating time for the better in the comments access to audio, video, acoustics, etc.

Also, the application must now apply the system for selection and download of files to give the user the advantage of better control in the remarks for these applications, as the system runs Android Q to prevent apps from starting any activity in the event the app was in the background screen to push developers to start using the alerts in the app to notify the user before doing any activity.

Also supports the new changes in the Android Q limit access to information about the devices such as IMEI, or serial number of the device, with the possibility to customize MAC address when connected to Wi-Fi networks by default.

Advantages to the user in the Android Q

Comes Android Q its new supports the user in the rapid engagement of content with the possibility of quick navigation between apps, watch content, also developers can through this shortcut posted signs show the user the shortcuts to be the index of any activity in the app or when you attach the new content.

How come the settings in the Android Q with the new work to achieve the benefit of the advantage Slices in phones Pixel to support the display of the main system settings directly in the apps of other companies.

Can also interface software pop-up to operate on the view the status of internet connection, NFC, as you know, the acoustics also at the end of the API pop-up, the browser can, for example, through this feature that works on the panel display settings call بWi-Fi or the networks surrounding the user, and displays a pattern Airplane, the data of the phone to give the user the freedom to adjust the connection settings without having to exit the app in the beginning.

Also comes Android Q with support screens folding of the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone Huawei Mate X, with some changes that support the adaptation of applications with the advantages of these new screens.

Google added a feature also resizeableActivity in the system that work to support developers in choosing the way apps are displayed on the screens folding, or large screen.

Photography in the Android Q

Applications can now request pictures of the Dynamic which offers a more in-depth information with the wording of the JPEG, XMP, and also the elements of the instrument in full, where this information can support the allocation of a higher when choosing the style bokeh effects or fog in the pictures, also supports these details deep in the files of the audio 3D technology with the support of augmented reality technology.

Also from the article that Google is working with manufacturers for Andre to bring the Coordination of Dynamic Depth in the imaging of these devices which will be running Android Q or later versions.

Also supports Android Q open source software to encrypt the video AV1 new, which supports recording of highest quality video at lower bandwidth, as the system supports also software to decrypt the music and conversation Opus and HDR10+.

It is estimated that Google offers Android app Beta Feedback for Pixel, where users can access it through the app drawer or the quick settings, where user can register proposals to amend the design of the system, or add features, or recording errors or bugs in the system.

Recall that the Android Q DP1 will be available for both phones Pixel, the Pixel XL, وPixel 2 وPixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 وPixel 3 XL, with the possibility to download images of the new version of the system.


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