Google opens first studio to serve the Stadia in Canada

Announced Google about the service of the Stadia for the games for the first time in the month of March, and then select the date of launch to be in November, this service will allow you to run any game no matter what the requirements of running on any device the cloud where it is processed the game on the servers of Google and not your device.

Today announced Google opening the studio continued to serve the Stadia in the city of Montreal, Canada, which will be responsible for the development of entirely new games for next to product development in general, also emphasized Google’s intention in opening more of a stop-loss Studios in different countries.

Yet to be announced games that will be developed through Studio new but opened in the current time makes us expect the coming of new games in 2020.

Google intend to launch the new service on November 19 and she doesn’t ask you for anything but internet speed is good.. are you gonna make it?

Source: Endgadget

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