Google officially closed the Youtube app Gaming after the deportation of its features to develop YouTube basic

YouTube Gaming-Android-app-DSC09913

Google first announced last year that it would close the Youtube app Gaming in 2019. Given that the company decided to transfer the features of the app, it is not logical to keep this app independent for longer. The company had initially reported that it will close this app in the month of last March, but decided to postpone it to the day corresponding to 31 May.

The launch of the Youtube app Gaming in the year 2015 in order to compete with the growing popularity of the service Twitch. Was YouTube one of the favorite content and games before they become service Twitch are common, so it was logical at this stage to get an independent service.

I’ve dropped the popular Youtube Gaming since then has convinced Google that it is necessary not to keep the app separate. The company decided after that to migrate the application’s features to the YouTube app Main and included in the Department of Gaming houses. Viewers can find the videos the most popular games and the operations of the broadcast initiative, and other content related to games in this special section.


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