Google officially announced the streaming service cloud gaming Stadia

Google announced now for the broadcast service of cloud gaming Stadia, during the events of the GDC held in San Francisco today.

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Announced Sundar Pichai Google CEO for streaming service of cloud gaming Stadia, where he is scheduled to stop the Google service games via the YouTube app where it will post videos for games that are broadcast on the service.

I know the new service during the financial period B”Project Stream”, where made available to users of Chrome and broadcast the games on the browser, where it was not”Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” are the first games that are try it via the Google service, as was done with the preview service in January.

Google also added a feature in videos at games that will be published on YouTube, where it will appear to users a play now or “Play Now” at the end of the video, as the service allows Stadia entry level gaming without the need for the user to install or download much Games in the beginning.

Also the service can broadcast the games to be available to users through laptops or desktops, or through tablets along with smart TVs and smart phones also.

As reviewed also the control arm in the new games, the decision to support the broadcast service of cloud gaming of the new Stadia, which combines the specifications of your controllers with Xbox games, and PS4, only that this version will work with the service to broadcast the games.

Recall that Google will pay to Arena a new competition in the gaming field with the service of the Stadia cloud, particularly the plans of the upcoming Microsoft launch its own service to broadcast games xCloud.


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