Google offers application Recorder phones Pixel 4 with registration and at the same time

Company introduced Google in phones Pixel 4 announced today a new version of the application Recorder which applies the feature of recording voice and at the same time.

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Comes application Recorder now improvements with the technique of artificial intelligence, to support the user to record audio and at the same time, with the advantage to search for specific sounds and specific words in the audio recordings.

It relates to the new version of the app with phones Pixel 4, as Google noted that these enhancements in the app can offer good support for students and media also.

The app also comes with integrated search to determine words and Sounds, has Google made a live show to comment on the phone Pixel 4, which could record audio and copy them in put the airplane on the phone, and call the service cloud. Also from the article that the app is available now in English, to be later support for more languages in the app.


I know of

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