Google may stop the development of tablets and portable new

قوقل تختبر وضع AltOS لتشغيل أنظمة مثل ويندوز على أجهزة بيكسل بوك

I started Googling the solution the team of engineers and developers working on the development of gear especially tablets and portable what may indicate that they create for the development of similar devices new.

According to the sources, Google reported dozens of engineers and programme managers that they will be appointed in departments and new places within the company the. This means that Google either will continue projects to develop new devices, or at least there will be no expansion.

And one of the employees working at Google that the company has had a train named Create is responsible for the development of computer pixels Facebook mobile and Pixel Slate.

When launched the Google computer its pixels Facebook was late when it came to the year 2017 and there are a lot of eyebrows similar to the shifter on the market from leading brands such as Lenovo Assos, so that its high price and running Chrome to make it less attractive options than the better alternatives and windows.

Was Google working on launching a second release of them expected to see him soon under the name Pixelbook 2 comes dialogue screen the thinnest and accuracy of the top view and support for fast charging.

As we know that the revenue Google does not turn-of-sale devices, but advertising and other services, since the days of phones Nexos the first was intended to publish the Android operating system more improve income in other methods, the same command followed by the edges with their tablets and notebooks under the brand Pixel.

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