Google may prevent applications and services from the use of the camera

The Android version P on after weeks of access by developers, has recently stated that Google would block developers ‘ access to API is not documented and hidden in Android P, as it was reported that the system will allow the user to control the display signal to the cellular network and the internet in the status bar, as it will support phones, folding phones that comes more than screen. But modifications to the the Android P do not depend on this limit; according to the project of AOSP, the system was included by the new base to prevent apps idle in the background from reaching the camera, this would prevent malicious apps from working in background and export the user’s stealth or close them and then blackmail them.

What will you change?

Change actions targeting the user ID, the User ID, which is the representative appointed by the android for each application during the process of install it and does not change as long as we keep the app installed, it seems for each application a unique ID. Android P, when the surveillance camera service that the user ID in passive mode -this occurs when the device is idle, and the background applications access to the CPU-intensive services and network constrained – Android will generate the error Error to access to the camera, and of camera later the user ID that will generate errors immediately.

The usefulness of the water

In fact, I’ve delayed this feature a lot; it has spread Zeman will on his blog in the 2014 video that demonstrates how applications can record video and take pictures surreptitiously manipulating permissions camera Android devices, and enables the wearer to have access to a camera phone Nexus 5 without alerting the user about the activity app and that app shows in the background even when you close the screen. The arrival of the Android P applications such as the display will be easily detectable, thanks to the requirements of the Android oreo this will give it will send a notification to the user to notify him or her that it is working, although I tried to work in the background, you won’t, so you won’t get the permissions to access camera in Android P. Source: xda-developers

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