Google may launch the pilot version of the system Android Q developers soon

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Based on what we know about the habits and Google, they tend to release beta versions of a new main version of Android at the beginning of each year. After that, the company introduced this system in detail in its annual conference for developers Google I/O so as to reveal in detail about some of the features and changes that we can expect, then in the latter part of the year the launch of the official version and the final of the new major version of Android.

Since we are now approaching the end of the first quarter of the year 2019, it is certain that we should expect the release of the beta version of Android Q. In fact, according to a tweet posted by the editor in the forum XDA Developers, it has already been open a page to track the errors your Android Q, which indicates that it will be issuing a demo version of the system Android Q developers in the near future.

Page track down the errors is the place where developers can send the errors that rescue and follow-up work. This may be logical for the operating system about to be launched, hence the speculation. There is also a link to wicking of the current errors with the date of construction 11 March, which indicates that the launch date may be coming soon.

The producers of the XDA Developers already put his hands on a preliminary version of the system Android Q they analyzed its source code to find out some of the features that are supposed to come out of this system, including the development of the computer, and night at the level of the entire operating system, as well as improve privacy tools.


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