Google may add support Windows 10 for different Chromebook

Owners of chromebooks can get a chance to install Windows 10 the second system on their devices.

The new development called Campfire, and is analogous tool Boot Camp, which offers Apple owners of Mac computers to install Windows the second system.

The developers of the site xda-developers have studied the source code of the Campfire and found that this tool is available in various different versions and can run on different devices with the Chrome OS. This means that new functionality can obtain not only the owners Pixelbook, but other chromebooks. One of the main requirements – availability of built-in storage device larger than 40 GB, so most of the budget chromebooks definitely not get the Campfire, because they are usually equipped with 32 GB of flash memory.

When it will be available Campfire users is not yet known. Perhaps we will tell about this tool for the fall presentations Google. In any case, this is a useful feature for those who love chromebooks and however, they should from time to time use applications available only on Windows 10.

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