Google Maps supports a feature “share your location directly”

Of important benefits provided by some transport applications participatory such as Lyft IM apps, like WhatsApp, is the “location sharing”, which allows the participation of the community in real-time with others, an important feature especially when the left to access one of them. And the importance of this feature, however the service of Google Maps, which is the most used and common, and too late in their support.

Lost Google has announced that the Maps application, which got in recent months a number of improvements, including the re-design according to the language of the Google Material Theme, add tabs, and New, such as exploration and development, has received a new feature that allows the participation of the community directly.

Includes new feature to share the site current, adding to the “time of arrival” ETA, with third-party apps, including the messaging application Facebook Messenger, the application WhatsApp, and others.

When you open the link through the Google Maps application, the recipient will see your progress on the map in real-time with your name and your current situation to move, whether on foot or by Transport. As this feature includes the width of the face of the battery status.

Can access this feature by clicking on the button that appears when starting the flight, then click on the “share your route during the flight”, then show a list of contacts you have under the words “share your location until the moment of Access,” also show apps that you can share your site on its way.

It is suggested that this feature is available in the latest version of the Google Maps application which can be downloaded from the Play Store, and you can also download it as a standalone file from here.

What do you think of this feature? Do you see it useful? Let me know in the comments.

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