Google Maps solved the mystery of a man missing for more than 20 years


There have been many cases in the past people have lost suddenly its apparently without any effect. This was the case with Wiliam Earl Moldt, who disappeared in November of 1997. Revealed the initial reports that Wiliam Earl Moldt called his girlfriend at 9:30 pm, to tell her that he will leave the club soon and head to his house.

After that, it is said that Wiliam Earl Moldt had left the club at 11 p.m., although it had been postulating the existence of two scenarios, it seems that Wiliam Earl Moldt was not drunk and had been left alone, but for some reason, never came home never. It looked like the issue can not be resolved, so the use of mapping service of Google Earth by one of the specialists in the stimulation and fun of the real estate.

According to this specialist in the mortgage survey, has noticed a strange thing about the pool in a housing project in Wellington, Florida, during the zoom, and discovered the car inside. He said the policemen who arrived to the scene and escorted the car of the money they were sintered strongly and there remains the structure of the human, have been identified later by the coroner as to Wiliam Earl Moldt.

During her conversation with the network, the BBC, explained the spokesman of the company, Ms. Therese Barbera that he could not determine what happened several years ago, and all I know now is that it was missing has been found now, in response to speculation that Wiliam Earl Moldt has lost control of his car on his way home.

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