Google Maps now allows the management of personal files from within the app

Google is working now on spreading the ability to modify the general profile of the user and manage directly from Google Maps application.

خرائط جوجل تُتيح الآن إدارة الملفات الشخصية من داخل التطبيقMaps Joe gel allows now manage your personal files from within the app

Don’t expect team work of Google Maps to add more options, this time I got the maps on the option to modify the user’s profile from the app itself, where in the former, All he can do is check the local directory, and of course if you are part of the Ha guide, and at the same time there wasn’t the possibility to modify your name or your resume or anything else.

Therefore, with this new addition, you will be able as a user of Google Maps have more control in how to see others share in maps, with regard to the possibility to use, look for an element profile and the complexity of the side menu button, and there your information and all your contributions to the previous, so that you can modify your name, your year, and add vital information.

When you go to your profile settings, you will find that there is an option to show or hide all of your contributions from your profile, if selected by Hidden, will be present in the list under your name for all to see, but your profile page won’t know any of them, and one of the other options allows you to unsubscribe in the make your profile visible to companies.

Finally, this update looks like it’s server-side, but it didn’t hurt to have the latest version of the Google Maps application, which you can download Transition via the link HERE.

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