Google Maps gets new features to help you explore your city


The company Google added some new features to develop maps for Google Maps in the last month to make it easier for users to explore their city. The idea behind these features is to make maps will help more users to find out what they want to eat it and drink it and exercise it regardless of their location in the world. The issuance of these features at the outset a small number of users, but Google assured us now that she has released these new features for all users in all around the world.

Tab ” Explore ” on the design of it will give to you now everything is new and interesting in the neighborhood. You will see the dining options, events and activities based on the selected area of the map that you see. Moreover, this will contain the tab on the menus blockbuster like Foodie List which will give you places that eats culinary experts, and help you find new restaurants based on information from local experts and algorithms Google and publishers are trusted.

Google Maps New will also track your progress in each list, with the addition of a sense of like games. If you have moved already to a few places in one list, the Google Maps the number of places remaining for you to try before you skip it all.

When you click on any place to eat or drink, you will get a number indicating how likely it is to enjoy the place, and this is what is called the ” match | Match “. You will see the reason behind each number, based on factors such as what you know to Google for restaurant foods and beverages, your favorite which is set by the advance in the map, as well as the places that I visited, and if you have you submit a restaurant or add it to the list.

You will report matches with the passage of time to fit with the change in cuisine and preferences. This would help you in choosing the next place to eat with confidence, for example.

Gonna be planning a group meal or activity, the more easily you will be able to long press on the places that you care to add to the brief list you can share it with your friends or family. They can then add more places to the list and vote on them. Once you come to a decision with, you can use Google Maps to focus and find a ride to get to the Office. Furthermore, you will allow the tab ” For You ” to stay informed on the latest events in those areas. You can choose to follow the neighborhoods and eating places that you want to try it. This means you will always get a quick idea for an activity for your next.



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