Google Maps get Incognito

It is now run in incognito mode for Google Maps around the world, just two weeks after the start of the test run the Google Demo CSS, will be the new option to Android devices over the next few weeks, but Google has not yet announced when it’s available for iOS devices, means to activate the new option that it will not be linked to log your location to your profile or store it on your device or use it “to customize the experience of the Maps application”, so there is no request for the submission of the breakfast, for example, Or afraid that someone else finds important to your place last night.

How to activate incognito in Google Maps

Implementation of incognito mode for Google Maps, just click on your profile picture and select the option, if you can’t see it yet, you may have to wait a few days before you can hide yourself, yet it’s just that Google Maps does not store your place (she told the police registered it will not be able to convert location data from device to application needs your location data if Incognito Mode is active), where the most often used apps fitness tracking the Global Positioning System (GPS) To track processes, the ride cycling, the application uses the camera location data to determine a Geo-tagging.

Ask many other applications also have access to your site, and can be used to “personalize your experience” or to sell targeted ads, to see which apps on phone Android have you can have access to location data, open the settings menu and select Applications, then click the menu button and select application permissions and then the site, here you can approve access to any application or reject it, but keep in mind that his refusal could stop the application from working properly.

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