Google Maps allows users to create and disseminate events of public

خرائط قوقل تتيح للمستخدمين إنشاء ونشر الفعاليات والأحداث العامة

The Google without any attention in a new feature in its maps to help users on the advertising and dissemination of information events and public events directly through the app, similar to what is offered by Facebook to select events, but more broadly being Google Maps the spot directly with the data.

And shows the option “Events” to users on the maps (often to prevent they created ownership of one of the places on the maps), and can the user who got the option to do create a page event or an event with details different dissemination, will be able to the rest of the users to see the event go directly to him.

It seems that Google Maps did not get water extensively until now, and therefore the company does not advertise about it maybe because it needs more work before public release, especially as it did not appear only for some users in the United States.

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