Google made Chrome for Android same smoothness as iOS

What I (and many others I’m sure too) I love iOS, so it’s a superior control with the swipe, which is not trivial on Android. And I’m not talking about the gestures that are available at the system level, and the possibility to navigate third-party apps, swiping pages left and right. Fortunately, Google has finally listened to users and implemented in Chrome for Android support for control using gestures.

Now, if you are in the process of surfing the web in Google Chrome, you will want to return to the previous page, will be enough to hold the screen with your finger from left to right.

A similar gesture has been implemented in many iOS apps, including Chrome and Instagram, but somehow it still wasn’t available on Android. Whether the developers believed that users of devices based on the “green robot” this gesture is not necessary in principle, whether Google itself repaired the some obstacles, but the fact remains.

Gestures in Google Chrome

To activate gesture control is possible only in test versions of Google Chrome. To participate in the early access, simply install the Chrome Canary smartphone (download from Google Play) or Chrome Dev (download from Google Play), and then run them and paste into the address bar the following command: chrome://flags/#overscroll-history-nagivation. It will cause the page with the so-called flags, or parameters that are still in the testing phase. Activate the Overscroll history navigation flag and use it.

The ability to navigate the web browser with gestures will come in handy for owners of devices based on Android Oreo and earlier versions of the operating system. Due to the fact that on previous Android builds the ability to manage OS gestures is missing, it will be a small breath of fresh air.

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