Google made changes to portrait on Android Q

Shooting portrait photos has long ceased to be the exclusive preserve of flagship smartphones. Now to blur the background behind your subject can and devices from the middle and even the low-price segments. Another thing is that they do not do this the best way because of flaws in the algorithms responsible for processing a frame and the imposition of a blur effect. But, apparently, with the release of Android Q even, this problem should disappear.

As reported by Google on its official blog, Android Q allows applications to query the camera of the smartphone a special set of metadata includes the depth map of the frame. Because of this, third-party applications, which – quite possibly – might be more advanced, will be able to more efficiently process the image and to overlay a more natural blur effect.

3D modeling and portrait shots

In addition to the potential to make better portrait photos, a function of providing a depth map from the Android Q allows applications to generate three-dimensional images of photographed people, animals and even inanimate objects. Such a possibility is, for example, can be useful in 3D modeling, that given the exponential growth in performance of smartphones, may soon become quite a common phenomenon.

The iOS developers at the time also attempted to get the depth map of the pictures taken on the iPhone in portrait mode. However, they did it without the explicit approval of Apple. However, what they did, caused a lot of surprise not only industry experts, but also ordinary users. For example, enthusiasts were able to form a three-dimensional avatar of the person photographed, which, according to them, can be useful for a variety of applications.

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