Google made a website for creating games for Android

Games make up a significant part of the app store, Google Play, as well as application libraries many users of Android OS devices. Games have always been a trend, and now that you can play anywhere and anytime, taking only the smartphone from his pocket, the game industry has reached a new level. The quality of games on smartphones and mobile gaming in General, it is possible to argue very long, but it is undeniable that the advent of the phone, and then games on them, almost every inhabitant of the planet became closer to the world of games and at least once enjoyed this privilege for the purpose.

In anticipation of the regular annual game developers Conference (Game Developers Conference), held from 18 to 22 March in Sunny San Francisco, where Google, we hope, will show their new game streaming service, which recent a variety of information, Google has created a special website for those working or planning to pursue the development of games under Android OS. Connected with the establishment of the site with the imminent announcement of gaming service of the company or not – we don’t know, but I hope that is due.

The new website address is and contains various documentation and links to important topics concerning game development: simple login, creating games on the Unity engine, support for 64-bit systems, detecting and diagnosing errors and other such topics. Part of that is on the new site is not new information, but great that now everything is in one place, and it is unclear why Google has not done so before.

If you are a developer of games under the “green robot”, you will certainly be a useful new resource for such a difficult craft of making games. Moreover, this resource was created by the developers of the system, under which these games are developed.

If you are a developer of games for Android, tell us whether you will be practically useful new website from Google?

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