Google logo reveal Service broadcast the Games announced today at GDC 2019

Use Google today for the official announcement from the broadcast service of the new games during the conference GDC 2019, and the company also unveiled the logo of the new service officially.

Googl logo game streaming service

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After a lot of leaks around the service to broadcast games of the new Google, using the search giant officially today to detect this service during the conference GDC 2019 year 2019, as indicated by the leaks indicate that Google will also provide a gaming device with this new service.

Comes the logo of the broadcast service of the new games are in red with the letter ‘S’, where projections indicate that it is short for “Stream” or broadcast service for the Games, also planned to be covering the event with multiple in more than one corner of their Google experience a live service broadcast new games, or Google technology in your new games.

Recall that the leaks did not reveal clearly about the details of your Google games associated with disclosure, however, the projections indicate a gaming console, or a separate unit to broadcast games, too, so we should expect the official announcement in the coming hours.


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