Google Live interface design preferred apply by Phone

If you remember in last August has been monitoring the update pilot develop communication Phone with Google, where was adopted a new design for the favorite, it took about four months to do this update for all users, where in the new update for the this design has become available to all users around the world, with reference to the update of the server-side.

Generally in respect of the major changes you’ll notice three new columns in each column circular icon download contact favorite and frequently contact them and send the SMS to, it will appear a pop-up screen blue for those who see this for the first time, will explain to them how you can allow prolonged pressure to switch between call and messages.

When you activate Dark Mode in the app, it will be fast scrolling through the favorites list of the numbers that are traded frequently, and finally as we have previously reported this update to the server, thus will this new interface to all users during the days or the next few weeks.

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