Google lifts the limit for images in Google Photos Live Albums to 20 thousand image


Was brought the feature of Live Albums to Google Photos earlier this year. Relies on machine learning technology, a subsidiary of Google to add images of people and animals on board automatically to a private album. The number of images that can be stored in these albums automatic $ 10 thousand pictures when it was launched in the month of October last. Doubled the company’s Google Now this limit up to 20 thousand pictures.

Users can turn any album in Google Photos to the Live Album. They only have the right to choose people and pets that they want to see them in this album selected and put the rest in the images folder of the year. You can share this album and also with friends and family to continue to update it with adding new images to it automatically.

Double limit suggests that users are using this feature much more than I expected Google. May be the company Google received a request from them to increase the limit. 10 thousand pictures and not so many in our time.

The Google company updated the support page own to reflect also that the limit in the Google Photos Live Albums have doubled up now to 20 thousand pictures. Before concluding, We would like to point out that this feature is available in the Google Photos app for my Android and iOS, and is also available in the web version of the service.


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