Google let Google Go on a global scale

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جوجل تتيح تطبيق Google Go على نطاق عالميGoogle let Google Go on a global scale

Google let Google Go on a global scale

Since 2017, provided Google light version of the application of its famous search, dubbed Google Go, and his exclusive copy phones Android GO light.

There seems to be a thorough change in this policy, it has announced a Google just that this light version is now available worldwide on the Google Play Store for Android, and for users of Android version Lollipop and .

Google Go is new it’s lightweight (not exceeding 7 Mega only) and fast, but it also helps the users in access to information, whether online or without the internet connection, even with internet connection is unstable, moreover, the application helps Google Go users save storage space on their devices.

Also if the internet is unstable you have, the seemed Google Go to your place and retrieve the search results to you as soon as the connection to the internet.

Finally, the application comes with the feature of Lens or of the lens, a feature which allows you to read words you see and translating it and using the phone’s camera, The found text, want to translate it or read it, the Stop number of the Lens, and then directs the camera to hear the words read aloud to you, or translated, or both.

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