Google Lens can now identify over a million element

Can currently tell camera artificial intelligence of Google to identify the billion element, where the company participated on its own official website, it was version Google Lens last year the case initially on the photo and a personal assistant, which back then it was a contains no non-250 a-element only within the references.

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To come to this awareness after more than a year to train the engine of the OCR, through which it can Google Lens reading a lot of the stickers on the products through the ability to spy on a text, it can also put names on the facade of many commodities, have also been feeding him more of the sound that can pick up their smart phones, so it confirms Google water in general have become more reliable than ever before.

Come number million element through the products available via Google Shopping, so it is probably not contain a lot of objects is not clear, for example, one gaming platforms for the nineties or photo book of rare, but in contrast covers a wide range of things that can satisfy someone looking for an item provokes curiosity.

In addition also to the elements of marketing can Google Lens to identify individuals, networks Wi-Fi geometric shapes, were also added the ability to call automatically to Wi-Fi networks on the way to take a picture for the court, as also added this year is the possibility to copy the information from the business card and add them to your contact list to call.


I know of

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