Google leak “design gestures” in Android me style for iPhone x

Published Google accidentally a photo from the Android version the next show very significant change in the way of browsing recent apps where it seems they will adopt a system of gestures rather than a special button in the navigation bar bottom of the screen, any way to iPhone EXE.

Never actually posted the image accidentally, but she was talking about something else, but interesting in the picture which I did not Google when published, they do not contain the button “recent apps” there is a change in the form of a home button to morph from the circle to a thick line, the design of trying what you did to Apple in the iOS.

If expectations and delivery, this means that Android my will users navigate between recent apps gesture control as is the case with the iPhone EXE.

In iPhone x you drive from the bottom up and then wait a bit, show you the recent apps sent between her and choose what you want to go back to him.

We don’t know yet the mechanism that will be adopted by Google in the gestures, but it is already working – according to the leaked image – the submission of this style in the main screen.

But why is there a button to go back? There are several opinions in this regard that this button is necessary to work within the applications also and not just in the operating system interface, therefore the user needs not … taking refuge gestures.

And also there is an opinion that it may still later as I remove the button “recent apps”. Opinion the most accurate is that the button will disappear when is work gestures and shows in the rest of the interfaces and applications.

Worth noting that Google have modified the picture posted on her blog to this directory, but it’s still on its servers.


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