Google launches the third generation of her assistant Google Voice Assistant

مساعد قوقل يعمل الآن على أكثر من 10,000 نوع من أجهزة المنزل الذكية

I got the assistant to Google Voice smartphone to the big update where the company announced the launch of the second generation, which offers the advantages of the new design with remarkable speed in performance.

Now the helper can Google answer your questions more quickly as well as speed in running applications and execute commands.

Google has revealed some of the advantages that the development of its launch in this generation of her assistant since its conference for developers in May.

When the company reported that the voice assistant has become 10 times faster reviewed through several promotional videos. This speed will be noticeable when you opened the app or search in the phone or even multitasking.

Of course, will be phones pixels, especially pixels 4 first to get the second generation of assistant to Google Voice, and later the company will be more phones that will update gradually.

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