Google launches the final version of the platform Flutter that will change the future of Android

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Announced Google on Tuesday announced the launch of the final version of the platform programming Flutter that thinks it is a new step closer to the company from the launch of the operating system Fuchsia, which will replace both the Android and Chrome OS, as it will help the company attract more developers to develop apps for the platform.

It is known that the American company working since years on a new operating system on behalf of the Fuchsia hopes to solve the problem of the fragmentation of the Android system while allowing him at the same time running on a range of different types of devices, from smartphones to tablets and personal computers, as well as tools, smart home and smart watches and other smart devices.

To reach this goal, Google has announced during a conference of developers Google I/O 2017 for platform programming new Flutter, which does not allow the development of apps for all platforms Google according to, but also allows them to develop applications working on Android andiOS at the same time.

Since the announcement of the platform to Flutter in the month of May 2017, Google launched a couple of trial versions, and yesterday the company launched the final version of a stable product that can be all the developers working on them, and they come with a number of improvements and new features.

And feature platform Flutter from other platforms other programming that allows developers to create apps for Android and iOS faster than before, which will problem facing Google years ago, which is that developers tend to submit their apps for iOS first. As companies will not need anymore teams, one to develop Android apps and the other to develop applications for iOS.

One of the advantages Flutter 1.0, which was announced during the event Flutter Live held at Google in London, they bring many of the features that should make it attractive to use. It allows developers to create application-sensitive design guidelines of Google, guidelines to design your Apple.

And brings the final version of the first platform to Flutter 1.0 important advantages to developers, such as “add to group” to Add to the App, which will allow them to update existing applications with the help of the product, or the conversion of existing applications on stages. There is a feature to “show” Platform Views that allows users to add features to the user interface UI to existing applications with the help of the product.

Referred to to platform to Flutter in use internally at Google apps including Google Maps and Google ads. But many other developers have already created applications by Flutter, including Capital One and Alibaba, and Groupon, and Hamilton and and the Philips Hue and Reflectly and Tencent. As announced by Square for the two-pack Flutter SDK to provide support of payment applications by Flutter.

The gate Arab News Technical Google launches the final version of the platform Flutter that will change the future of Android

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