Google launches TalkBack with the name of the new advantages of the new

The company provides Google users on the Android system a number of services and applications which are not needed by many, as it’s dedicated just for special needs, and those tools a tool called TalkBack.

Used tool TalkBack to provide comments spoken to any thing on the screen so that users who suffer from visual impairment mobility across devices. Today, Google has made the re-launch of the tool under the new name of the Android Accessibility Suite.

And tool Android Accessibility Suite both TalkBack and Switch Access and Select to Speak, and the tools of three of each of them performing specific functions. The former we got to know her, and the third is to allow control of the device using the device to aid in the switch, while the feature allows Select to Speak to users to identify something on the screen and read or described aloud.

In addition to re-recording, comes the new update of the tool TalkBack with new features such as focus management Focus and improvements on the property profit with the platform Android TV, while the feature comes Switch Access with the new settings and the comments of the operative part of the enhanced “for use, without looking at the screen”.

This can be download the application Android Accessibility Suite from the Play Store, and you can also download it as APK standalone of here.


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