Google launches storage prices new cloud all day

جوجل تطلق أسعار التخزين السحابية الجديدة للجميع اليوم
Google launches storage prices new cloud all day

Google launches storage prices new cloud all day

In the month of last May, we wrote to you that Google rename its service cloud from Google Drive to Google and , in the step includes reducing the price of space cloud that may need to be purchased for any user.

Today announced the Google to the new service and the prices are amended is available to everyone .

Price of the Google service cloud new

Lowered Google price of monthly subscription to the Space 2 TB monthly at the rate of half of the $ 19.99 per month to $ 9.99 only per month.

As the company decided to add a new space is 200 GB at a discounted price is also only $ 2.99 per month, and deleted the company’s choice of 1 Terra byte which cost $ 9.99 per month .

The company decided to hold on to the prices of the spaces the other mass such as 10, 20 and 30 TB.

Dear reader sideburns should be , Do you intend to buy cloud storage from Google, especially after the reduction last?Write us your opinion in the comments .

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