Google Launches Site Chrome Canvas, which allows you to message your browser


If you want to draw something quickly on your computer, there are many apps that let you do this. In fact, if you are using a computer running Windows, the program Microsoft Paint, the default lets you do it well. However, it seems that the company Google intends to create graphics in the cloud through a web browser might be useful.

Thus, the company has now launched the Chrome Canvas, which is an application on the web allows users to create graphics in their web browsers, despite of the presence of the suffix ” Chrome“, then this application will work also in other browsers other than Google Chrome, so don’t worry if you are using another browser such as Firefox, as long as it supports WebAssembly.

Chrome app Canvas has a few features, it allows you to choose from among a variety of writing tools such as pencil, pen, chalks and an eraser. You can then save the picture that you send in your Google account, which means that if you use shared computers, the use of Chrome Canvas will be the best and fastest option to save your drawings in the cloud and sync them with a computer at home. If you want to have a look at the tool Chrome Canvas and try it yourself, and he moved up to the position of the Chrome Canvas starting from the source link below for details.


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