Google launches Security Key Titan USB-C

The company announced the Google Security Key Titan the new USB-C, where is a safer option for users who need more reassurance.

This piece of security intends to upgrade the system for two-step verification, So that the majority of people have extremely sensitive information stored on the internet, including financial documents, medical records and records of messages and more.

Moreover, you may need some professionals to protect the best and most powerful to protect online accounts or levels of work, which pushes them to acquire the key to physical security such as Titan.

When you enabled two-step verification, users receive the returned code in a text message you must enter next to the password, or must log in using the Authenticator App Store on their phone.

Longer Security Keys a safer alternative to this method, which gives anyone access to personal accounts unless in possession of a security key already.

Will be the key to safety Titan new compatible with Android devices, in addition to Chrome OS and windows and Mac, and will be available as of today at Google priced at$40.

Source: Google

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