Google launches Russian analogue of YouTube Red

Google decided to launch a paid subscription service YouTube Red in Russia, but under a different name — YouTube Premium. According to TechCrunch, soon the app will start to work in new countries, among which Russia, in addition to exclusive video content users receive and support YouTube Music. At the end of may, the service will become available in the USA, UK, Russia, Italy, Sweden and other countries.

YouTube Red is a subscription service that allows, first, to watch videos without ads and offline (now in the absence of the Network connection to see the video or movie will not work), as well as to access exclusive author content author Red Originals and music. In the US the service is running in 2016, but Russia has remained inaccessible until now.

Subscribe to the YouTube Premium will cost 11.99 dollar (if the price will continue in Russia, it will be about 720 rubles, but rather, 699). It will unite old YouTube offers Red and also YouTube Music. Music can be listen without ads, in the background, downloading on the smartphone along with the rollers. This service introduced the “Vkontakte”, limiting the time of free listening to 30 minutes in active screen. Want to listen to in the background — signed. In addition, functions of YouTube Music will remain free for subscribers to Google Play Music.

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