Google launches new design of Gmail and its advantages new for everyone today

تصميم جديد قادم لـGmail

تصميم جديد قادم لـGmail

I got the e-mail service Gmail on a large update today, added many new features and improvements in the design and integration with other services to offer a better experience to the 1.4 million active users.

We talked recently about the most prominent developments in the design and advantages of Gmail, but today it became available officially gradually for everyone to use across the web than computers.

Let’s start with the side menu to the right which allows quick and easy access to services of Google such as calendar, notes, and even applied to new tasks to facilitate input without the need to leave the mail.

And also now you can click on the attachments and open them without having to open the message, or search within several messages in a row.

Paid attention to Google very much to increase the productivity of the user, therefore, provided many of the jobs that used to appear within the message to be accessed from the Fund received directly, such as archiving and deletion or selection as read. There is a new feature provided by Google for the NAP of the message and determine the time dozing out of the box and displayed after the end date of the NAP.

Got Gmail on one of the smart features that we see in the Inbox which is responses smart so that you can automatically reply to messages with one mouse click.

It is new and important is speed mode confidential mode that prevents the receiver to make any adjustments in the message, such as copied or forwarded, downloaded or printed and is a very useful feature when sending sensitive information via e-mail.

Also there is a new feature added by Google Apps chat is to determine the period of validity of the message through a new icon appear in the editor, create the message and by clicking it you can select the time that expires the message and then will not can be found.

And Google that users leave messages, and even reply sometimes for long periods, so today there are alerts up in my case transceiver follow-up monitoring and reminders to do so.

And Google design warning messages spambot to stay more fully explained with the button Delete message.

The application of smart phones has added Google more artificial intelligence to prioritize alerts informing you of messages important to first, as well as the proposed abolition of subscription by mail when you expect to no longer care about him.

Finally if you want to use the Gmail new look, you can press the serrated settings and select “Try the new Gmail” if you or you have to wait some time until your new design.

In any case, you can return to the world and the Old by clicking on the “Go back to classic Gmail” from the notched settings.


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