Google launches new design makes the system Wear OS smarter

Back earlier of this month that the company Google is working on the development of the intelligent assistant for health and fitness named Google Coach, then announced last week about a new version of the application to the fitness of Google Fit, in a clear direction towards the promotion of its services in the field of health and fitness, after years of focus on artificial intelligence.

In this framework, the company announced the launch of a new design system Wear OS for smart watches, it comes to help you get the most out of the time, which provides faster access to your information, research, and more proactive assistance of the assistant Google smart Google Assistant, and training to sound more intelligent – all that once you pass your finger.

The focus of the design of the new system Wear OS to facilitate the development in the previous by swiping the finger on the screen, just drag the screen to the top, you will proceed to notification with the possibility of smart reply by clicking on the notice that you see no matter what.

Google has added that it has become possible to access services such as electronic payment service, Google Pay, and find a phone Find my phone as soon as you pull the screen to the bottom. As it became possible to get the Google help Assistant once you pull the screen towards the right.

Besides the usual advantages of assistant Google smartphone, it will also features probably haven’t tried them yet, according to google, it will become more useful over time as you recognize it, as there are other advantages on the road.

Google noted to the new version of the application fitness Google Fit announced last week, which became centered around the goal of my activity simple and intelligent: Move Minutes, and Heart Points. With the new design these have become more available to system Wear OS.

The company said it will begin the launch of a new design over the next month with the next update of the system Wear OS. She cautioned that some benefits may vary according to the phone’s operating system, or the coast, or the country.


Do you have a smart watch running Wear OS? Share your opinion in the new design with the comments.

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