Google launches new design for search on mobile devices

Announced Google on Wednesday announced the launch of a new design for your handheld devices from its search engine, in order to give websites a way to showcase its brand on the home page directly, instead of appearing as a link to another blue.

Prior to the new design, the results of the search appear in blue, and the name of the photographer or the website shows the plan of a small green. Now the results justify the name of the publisher in the top with the site logo or brand, then below the link, then other information, including date of publication.

Google launches new design for search on mobile devices

Although this change does not seem significant, except that it may receive the approbation of major brands and publishers, as it gives them a chance occurrence, especially a lot of people prefer specific sources when searching on the internet, so the presence of the logo of the site accommodation makes it easy for users to access quickly.

Besides the sites, the change also included the ads offered by Google on its search engine, which will show ads at the top of the search page with the words “ad” Ad in black, instead of green box previous.

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Google said in a publication on her blog: the new design will help them prepare for the changes that are considered by the search engine, which will allow businesses to add more buttons, procedural, and data, to card search results, so continue on with the proportion of each thing to its source.

Intends Google launched a new design for users of mobile devices in the coming days. This can be for webmasters and publisher customize the logo and the icon of their sites through the link which has been allocated by Google for it.

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