Google launches new company goal to protect the digital world

Announced a research and development team “X” which is operated by the company Mother, of, the, announced the launch of an independent company called the Chronicle to predict the migration of cyber and hinder. Has established a team X in the basis for monitoring problems on large scale solutions to problems such as “traffic safety” developed by the team is not a new technique , which is more than just recruiting tools, as the team took upon Himself the problem of cybercrime and established company Chronicle to confront these crimes as announced by the company CEO Stephanie Gillette. Said Astro Hill, President of team X, via the separate publication: “the reaction of companies today in terms of cyber security is in the details: find the damage and get rid of them. But the real solution, which get about years, is a prediction of impeding cyber-attacks by climbing its Internet product.” This included the Declaration of Gillette for details on how the company intend to Chronicle the achievement of this ambition.

Will the company of two-part two: the security of cyber information and analysis to help us to improve the management and understanding of data related to security. Tool VirusTotal, the service Intelligence malware acquired by Google in 2012 which will continue to work as is the case for the last five years.

Aim search capabilities and machine learning for the analysis to reduce the size of the thousands of threats to digital security that is being reported currently because of the array of instruments used in the detection, instead, you will have companies a clearer understanding of the current situation of security. Has confirmed Gillette in his publication that the project was running at a fast pace, where the company’s Chronicle began in the recruitment of staff already, and to start companies in the selection of products Immediately available for testing to provide recommendations to improve performance. Source: Business Insider

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