Google launches its application Lookout to help blind people discover the world around them

قوقل تُطلق تطبيقها Lookout لمساعدة المكفوفين في اكتشاف العالم من حولهم

Last year the company announced Google for a new application to protect the name of the Lookout, aiming at helping the blind and visually impaired in discovering the world around them, where the company indicated that there are approximately 253 million people in the world suffer from lack of sight or his weakness, in this regard, referring also to take the responsibility to use their technology to help these people in making their lives more independent.

In turn, the company announced today that the application that became available for the final, and will include the application capabilities of the artificial intelligence in the identification of objects via the camera phone, it will read the text in tags and labels, as well as its support to scan the barcode and identify the currency, use the app the company recommends that the phone be tied to a rope around the neck or put it in the front pocket, this way you will get the camera on a comprehensive vision of the real world.

Finally the application Lookout will be available first for Pixels only for users in the United States of America, with the launch of the company’s promise to the treaties transfer the app for more devices and countries and running again in the near future.

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