Google launches Google Pay support on Android

If you remember, last January, announced Google on the step Forum and then tointegrate services Defense own Android Pay, and Google Wallet under one service called Google Pay to show the new service more organized and easy and secure.

Google has taken one step further in this regard and launched the company’s U.S. application with your payment to the new Google Pay on Android to enable users to complete their own purchases through their credit cards inside at any place where the confirmed Google I logo pay with Google Pay will be in a lot of shopping sites around the world.

Also announced google it is working to add Google Pay in all of its services such as Chrome and plugin smart Google founded the brand with the assertion that the service is protected and secure and data encrypted in full.

Hand application reported google it is easy to use and there is a tab dedicated to the procurement processes and the latter with the possibility to display nearby stores web other custom cards, offers and benefits that your such as gift cards and discounts .

Service works Google States in a limited duration, but will be expanded to include more countries later .



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