Google launches free course on developing apps with AR

The company Google has released a special course for developers to create applications that support augmented reality. It follows from the materials of the blog the search giant. Training video tutorials are distributed for free and is already available on the educational online platform Coursera.

“The development of augmented reality technologies more and more companies began to use them to create their products, communicate with customers and even employees’ training, — is spoken in the blog Google. To support this trend and to involve the developers, we are launching a training course “Introduction to augmented reality and ARCore” for those who are just starting to work with AR”.

How to create app c ARCore

15-hour program is designed for developers who do not have experience with augmented reality. Upon completion of the course graduates will have the necessary skills to create applications that support AR, learn how to work with the framework ARCore, Poly library and get a basic knowledge about the principles of functioning virtual reality.

Tutorial videos completely written in English, but Coursera provides the ability to enable subtitles.

How to learn programming

This is not the first attempt by Google to educate. In the past, the search giant has released application Grasshopper, teaching users programming in JavaScript. The educational process is built in the form of games, allowing you to learn coding a relaxed, not having anything in common with the atmosphere of the classroom.

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