Google launches feature to reporting of incidents traps speed for Google Maps at the global level

Google Maps for ios

Google testing feature for reporting traffic accidents, traps speed in Maps application Google Maps-style application Wazer since last year, it seems that the company finally started to launch this feature at the global level.

Some users of Google Maps will see a new button in the alarm mode allows them to report incidents traps speed. In the beginning, you can only report an accident or a speed trap when the appearance of similar reports on the way of your development, but the Google company to improve this feature now by adding a button for reporting such incidents.

I didn’t know, Google officially announced this feature yet, nor know when it will be available exactly for everyone. But what we do know currently is that this feature is currently available only for users of Android have been activated remotely, so doesn’t that mean install the latest version of the Google Maps application you’ll get this feature immediately.



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