Google launches Assistant Personal Google in Arabic in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

One assistant personal Google in Arabic in Egypt possible, as the understanding of my accent on Monday and the answer in regard to the Passover. It offers some detail:

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How it works the assistant to Google profile

The announcement of the assistant to the innovations of Google in three the main are: machine learning, language processing., the town language.. Also developed a group of plugin solutions to Iran contributed in making it has the best safety possible.

  • The coordination answers plugin by experts women experienced notable book and movie, and the word via the system تحویل text-to-speech (TTS), which was the using the latest techniques.
  • One of the music unique to Arabic is the versatility of its vocabulary, as it depends on the WHO is indebted to multiple meanings of the word itself. So we have expansion of Technology a lot of ways to help correct pronunciation of different words, word (contract), such as from other movements give multiple meanings depending on the word. With plugin be living depending on the word user because of the technology the motion editor is the editor refers to a whole war.
  • Made use of a number of techniques which are used for the first time in the region that supports the Arabic language, as seen the performance of the plugin with time according to the time:

▪ On the question of the personal: serve this, and your style in check, the requirements, and news that interests you, chose this information is like enhanced experience tailored to you.

▪ On the question of the year: the company will continue to Google the first plugin available to all functions more

With your phone in addition to performing its functions.

How certain Assistant Google personal dialect of Iran:

When you use the assistant to Google profile, the Foreign Ministry the request and compare it with states similar results in his record, and then identify the tone and the words used there after these suggestions with the words that it, in conjunction with the offices to search for answers that match your request, to give the results as soon as possible.

How was the training assistant to speak in Arabic?

Any language. is the pronunciation of the texts in the. As the assistant to Google profile is a program talk to any meaning that the Sunnah, the user with the answers that their request or consent of which side of the site. It is supposed to be the language of the plugin to the correct, Healthy Choice, rules of pronunciation, and easy method with the tone of voice to verse. Has been coordination answers plugin by experts women experienced notable book and movie, and the word via the system تحویل text-to-speech (TTS), which was the using the latest techniques.

Ways, such as: when the Sunnah, the user assistant personal Google “the 6” gas compared to the request via rules, to ancestors, machine learning topic of who most the that the user consent to set the alarm. Here’s the ruling of the sentence: other information since the user did not determine the history or even town in the morning or evening, so adjusts it to the closest point of the blessings. After the revelation of the purpose of the user and solve the mystery the role of prayer request, one which the assistant adjusts the product on also specified, then one message said ” set alarm for seven in the morning”.

Some fun things that you can try with the Assistant Google your personal:

  • Ok Google sing me a song
  • Ok Google, sing me the alphabet
  • Ok Google, tell me the secret
  • Ok Google the joke
  • Ok Google what music is your favorite?
  • Ok Google old Cam years old
  • Ok Google what is your favorite movie?

I know of

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