Google launches application to help blind people explore their surroundings

After being announced last year, it seems that Google has become satisfied with the results of the application of the Lookout who helps the blind see their surroundings offer provided this week at Google Play.

Using artificial intelligence, the app relies on the camera phone to the user on what the surrounding things and objects, and can read signs, text, barcode scanning, and the definition of work.

Tell Google they are focused on the development and improvement of the results of the application since its announcement last year, and while it did not reach the accuracy of the results to 100%, but it improved by a satisfactory.

Advises Google app user to suspend a phone around his neck or put it in the pocket of a shirt front so the camera can monitor the perimeter of the user continuously and the definition of things.

While the application of Lookout is currently for users of phones Pixel in the United States only, confirmed Google’s intention to expand application support for other devices and the states of the other, without having to remember a specific date for it.

Recall that Microsoft also has application Seeing AI on iOS, he can describe what the user sees surroundings of people and the natural and even color, products and. A few weeks ago, it launched Google two apps that help hearing impaired and deaf to listen well.

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