Google launches application to Duo computers Android and iPad tablets

Google announced during the annual Developers Conference Google I/O 2016 from the messaging application of the Visual “very simple” Duo. And because the market was teeming with accepted applications Messaging audio and video recording, Google tried to promote them that he came to simplify the communication process.

It is the advantages that the application of the Duo, who later became supports voice dialing, along with visual communication, that allows to switch between cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks without interruption of contact, in addition to feature Knock Knock, which allows a recipient viewing the caller before the call starts.

Since the announcement of the Duo more than two years ago, the app was available for smartphones only, and is now available with the latest update not computers iPad and Android tablets.

This, can download the application Duo computers android tablet from the Play Store, and you can also download it computers iPad Store app store.

Do you use an application to Duo before? We shared your experience in the comments.

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