Google launches an independent application tasks Google Tasks

With the announcement of the design of Gmail and its advantages new, launched Google service and Application Management Tasks and integrate with his e-mail as well as making it available as a standalone application on smart phones running Android and iOS.

Google Tasks is an application of the lists of tasks and chores and integrates with Google services such as Calendar and email to Gmail.

You can drag any email message from Gmail and its above app from the side menu to create you a list of the tasks including the same letter of information.

It seems the design of the app on Android too simple, where you can create a list of tasks and connect them with the emails and the dates do, but only the date and not the exact timing. The application also allows creation of sub-tasks related to the main tasks, of course, sends notifications and reminders.

There isn’t any other extras such as the classification of occupations or tagging him or set criteria for priority, it is possible to add Google later this more through updates.

The app is currently available on my shop Google Play and App Store

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