Google launches a light version of the application to health, work without internet

Google has a large number of applications light which comes the name “GO”, and today joins a new application this app is a Gallery Go, which is a watered down version of the Google Photos Photo Management. The app will help is very simple from a distance of your phone however will come with the techniques of machine learning and some tools to modify images.

This app has been launched for the first time in the country of Nigeria, this is because the apps Go in general, targeting users of the owners contact limited to the internet and also the phones are old or vulnerable, therefore the most important characteristic of this app is that it doesn’t need constant communication to the internet as well as comes with an area of 10 meg only.

Like Google Photos this app uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect similar images with each other it also supports Search within the app a feature that will work very effectively, Of course, because the app comes from Google.

You can download the app and try it now from this link.

Source: AndroidPolice

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