Google launches 6 new apps luxury digital Android

Allowed the company to Google today 6 applications once the intervention in the field of luxury digital wave for Android users.

جوجل تطلق 6 تطبيقات جديدة للرفاهية الرقمية على أندرويدGoogle launches 6 new apps luxury digital Android

After more than a year of its Google service welfare Digital “Digital Wellbeing” on Android, still the efforts the company level, where matured the service or application the advantages of the new patrol, as well as integration with parental controls, so they have become nowadays say to all Android devices.

However, this does not prevent the company to open more doors to use the phone and manage better, and to that end and more, the team work, Creative Lab Google 6 Apps new intervention in the field of luxury and digital.

I note mentioning, that all these applications do not require that you have to apply the shelf digital main on your device, it is available for all Android devices regardless of the brand, however, most of these applications need to work to version of Android 8.0 most recent, on the application We Flip only one that will work on Android 7.0 the latest.

First app: Unlock Clock

In short, the application Unlock Clock is a live wallpaper that count the number of times you unlock your device in one day, and when you installation, you’ll find it in the Wallpapers application Google, will start many large at 0 and climb in every time you open your phone, so this app is a simple way in helping you figure out the number of times you opened your phone.

Second application: We Flip

We Flip a social experience to collective, inspired by the idea of some people who collect all the phones to friends in the basket, and the first thing that meets the machine is a loser, therefore follow this app this same idea but on such application, and must have the app installed on all phones, as it uses the ear near to detect them, and when everyone joins in, you can turn over the devices to start the session, and ends when the first person his phone.

Second application: Post Box

Looks like a Post Box in the concept of Daywise and other applications that wish to help you focus and get away from the contradictions that divert attention, so that via the app will stop all notifications and group them together to be delivered at specific times.

Fourth app: Morph

You may not be having one, one for all your apps strategy wise if you divide your attention easily via the app icons and attractive the likes of Twitter and Instagram, this is the reason that many of the triggers or line of presents situations different to work or home or entertainment or the gym, here follows the application to Morph their steps, so that with it you can create as many conditions as you want and set the applications to him, and Exchange automatically according to the time or location, in addition, know Morph only notifications from the situation that you are using and all notifications of other applications which are not in this situation.

App-V: Desert Island

Is a one another but with a different focus, so that lets you choose 7 only apps to work, while the rest are hidden but still accessible from the top of the code right, and after 24 hours you will get a summary demonstrates the extent of your success in focus on these applications and the number of times that lost by the opening of others.

App seventh and final: Paper Phone

Is unique application, so you can use it in the beginning of the day to print a paper copy of basic information for your phone and take them with you, such as education, contacts, favorites, tasks, weather, maps ,,etc.


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