Google: later Android versions less affected by malware

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جوجل: إصدارات أندرويد الأحدث أقل تأثراً بالبرامج الضارة

Published company Google Transparency Report a new targeting system to mobile devices the Android platform Android, where the focus of the report on security within the ecosystem of the Android Android Ecosystem Security, provides efforts to reduce the rate of application potentially harmful (PHA), a term used by Google to refer to malware on the Android platform, hardware and in-store its for apps Google Play, the company has previously published a number of reports transparency is different which I learned with political declarations and requests of the governments of the global information users.

The report covers specifically how the discovery service called Google Play Protect applications potential harmful during a routine examination of the full device, where the Scan service over 50 million apps a day within the Google Play Store and beyond, with the submission of the report to the data points for both, it also focuses on the rate of application is potentially harmful in relation to the issuing of the Android and countries, in addition to market segments.

Achieved Google tangible results after devoting itself to improve the security of Android in the last few years, with a decline in the rate of potentially harmful apps in general on users ‘ computers consistently since 2014 according to various data, such as security patches monthly that Google is working to increase the adoption and adoption by manufacturers of Android devices, in addition to procedures such as the Google Play Protect.

The report explained that, in line with the trend over the previous years, the Android devices that get apps through the Google Play Store just down have the possibility to get malware potential increased by 9 times in comparison with the devices which get applications from other sources.

Has also been improved safety devices which get apps from outside the Google Play Store also, the affected in 2017 accounted for 0.8 percent of devices that have proven applications from outside the Company Store applications, the harmful potential, while the ratio fell in the first three quarters of 2018 to 0.68 percent.

The report indicates that India has seen the largest decline in the prevalence of software potentially harmful devices, with the low rate of the infection by 34 percent, as seen in Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey also saw a decline in the probability of presence of malicious software and possible the hardware in the region, while South Korea experienced a lower number of devices that contain malware potential by only 0.1 percent.

The company said that later versions of the Android operating system is less affected by the application of potentially harmful, due for security and safety applications and training developers to assess the access of applications to sensitive data, so that later versions of Android such as Nougat Nougat or Oreo Bai Pie more able to withstand attacks that allowed previously for investigations of the harmful potential to install itself on the devices and protection from removal attempts.

Published formerly Google Annual Report reviews the security of the Android system during the whole year, which explains in detail the direction of the product open source features and enhancements to new, to now that she also intends to publish the report of the security to the Android system quarterly, the company also plans to offer more data points detailing the health of the ecosystem for Android over time.

The gate Arab News Technical Google: later Android versions less affected by the malware

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