Google know new details about how Google Duplex

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Share Google gave a presentation on the new about how to contact a service online called “Google duplex” Google Duplex, a system of artificial intelligence revealed by the company during its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018, where they make calls on behalf of users of Google’s Assistant, pregnant with a human voice instead of the voice of the robot, moreover, this new technology is able to understand complex sentences rapid speech, notes long.

The company revealed more details about how the artificial intelligence system when talking to companies and customers, in an attempt to calm fears about new technology and prove it can work, including use cases for initial appointments within the salon and cut hair and make restaurant reservations.

According to a police spokesperson said the pilot tests serve the Duplex begins in the coming weeks, through the question about the store hours, where the regime is able to handle 80 percent of calls before it is put generally without the need for human intervention.

And this new technological sensation since it was unveiled, making some feel restlessness, while discussing other ramifications of privacy, which prompted the company to try and explain the technique of Duplex, view details about how they work, although the video indicates that the presentation of the new represents a sample may vary for calls testing actual, it shows for the first time that the talks might begin with the words “Hi, I’m the assistant of Google”.

It seems the definition of assistant Google the same like a small detail, but it is significantly important in the essence, since after the appearance of the duplex for the first time, described the many persons of this technique as unethical and irresponsible, partly due to the failure of the artificial intelligence system evaluates the same as a robot, in addition to his performance similar to humans is largely.

This prompted Google to make the system know yourself to ensure that users understand they do not talk to the person, and uses Google technology mix Dog WaveMet of the company DeepMind for generating the voice and manner of pronunciation that is similar to humans, with included slang words often being used within the modern human such as “um” and “uhh’s” and “mhmm”.

Shows demo video of the new also that when a customer requests help Google to schedule a booking, ask the assistant for alternative times and updates through the notice follow-up after 15 minutes of making the call, and the police declined to respond to questions about the number of test users draft or when the service to book appointments and make calls on behalf of the user available to companies.

It can be for businesses that do not want to receive calls from assistant Google cancel the subscription during the conversation or by referring to the lack of interest by the expense of commercial activities via the internet, without sharing more details on the subject, with a means of protection against unwanted messages and misuse during the trial operation.

Explains the company that the system has the possibility of observing self allows him to identify the tasks that cannot be completed independently, so that moving the call to the operator of the human can complete the task, where they brought the giant search engine human to monitor the actual calls made by people as part of their training.

It should be noted that many of the talks of the building surrounding the system Duplex revolved around being the sound a human voice, to a large extent, but the primary goal of this technology is to extend artificial intelligence to phone calls, so that 6 out of every 10 small companies do not have their booking system is available via the internet, according to a survey conducted by Google in the month of April.

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