Google killed Android app for savings. Where now to take

Google is not afraid to experiment with new applications and services, some of which has no use and safely forgotten. The company even opened its own “online cemetery”, where you can go to each user and to remember what projects at the time, refused the search giant. But if the sites like Google Plus or YouTube Messages are likely to be sad, no one will, then the application Datally helping to reduce Internet traffic, I’m sure many will want to return.

Datally will save the traffic not only to you but to your loved ones

This week, Google unexpectedly removed from the Google Play app Datally. Despite the fact that the cemetery still not likely to rely on the return of the utility is no longer necessary. In any case, Google does not allow himself to remove apps from the catalog and then put it back. So if you have not had time to download Datally, but would like to reduce Internet traffic, you only choice is to download the APK file.

Where to download the application Datally

  • Click on this link to APKMirror website from your smartphone;
  • Select the relevant version from the list and hit Download APK;

APKMirror — safe site for downloading APK files

  • Open the context menu of Chrome and go to “Downloaded files”, then look for the APK file Datally and install it.

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Despite the fact that the firmware of many smartphones by default, include a tool for tracking the flow of traffic, I would still recommend to use Datally. The fact that such a wide range of settings and support mechanisms you won’t find anywhere else. That alone is worth the sleep mode, which allows you to limit resource consumption over the night, blocking the app access to the Internet, or the ability to defer a certain amount of traffic in reserve, not to be left without Internet in the middle of the month.

How to save traffic

And if you install Datally to the smartphones of family members, it will allow you to monitor how they spend your Internet traffic. This possibility will be very useful if you need to trace the children who tend not too take care of parents prepaid the amount of data available. And if necessary you will be able not only to monitor consumption but also to control it, for example, setting limits on daily, weekly or monthly consumption.

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Actually quite strange that Google decided to abandon Datally and silently remove it from Google Play. In my opinion, it was one of the best applications of those that the company released over the past few years. Unlike most pilot programs, this really benefited and allowed to save money, warning of the dangers of overspending. So, if you have previously downloaded Datally, make no mistake and do not delete it, but you better hang on until better times.

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