Google Keep for Android gets an important update. Where to download the update?

The last time the application Keep has received a substantial update in mid-October. Then pleased with the updated design that fit in the concept of Material Theme. Appearance of the platform got a lot of white space, and the usual yellow bar at the top of the display disappeared. It was replaced by an oblong search box. At this time improvements is not so much, but they are still useful.

We are talking about creating handwritten notes, reports Android Police. A function appeared on smartphones in the distant end of October 2015. Then users can draw on a blank canvas or on top of images — in this they were helped by three varieties of brushes. Pen, marker, and pen was available in 8 sizes and 32 colors. In addition, if necessary, the drawings were able to move the picture.

Google has prepared a surprise to fans of manual notes. The system now offers the user a lot more space for records, and the restriction to the surface of one screen in the past.

Once the image of the owner of the smartphone closer to the bottom edge of the display, the smartphone will alert about the availability of additional space. Go to it will using a swipe upwards with two fingers. The device immediately scrolls the canvas and provide a new area for records.

It looks as follows. Please note, where was the last letter of the word “Hello” after a swipe.

A new feature available in version of the application 5.0.481.05. The update is available for download in the store Google Play. If updates are there, it is possible to reduce waiting due to resource APK Mirror. Downloadable signed program here.

Do you use Google Keep? If Yes, for what purposes, and if not, what do you prefer instead? Share your answers in the comments under the article or Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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